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A Tribute to Jon Lee

A collection of quotes, by Jon, or about him.

"We shall miss him more than melody," - Feeder.
"He could mesmerize you with his drumming ability and would make the most difficult of drum fills seem so effortless." - Grant Nicholas.
"Hope you are at peace now Jon boy. Forever young. Your friend always." - Grant Nicholas
"I'm just lucky to be doing a job I love", "I don't want to come in and out of fashion so fast that we'd be irrelevant." - Jon Lee
"Jon was the most loving, generous, kind, beautiful man there ever will be. He was my best friend, my husband, my love, my breath, my entire life." - Tatiana Lee
"Jon was always the life and soul...always up for a party, so it is a great shock to hear this tragic news." - Stereophonics
"Jon's never going to be gone, he's always going to be a big part of this band" - Grant Nicholas
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