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A Tribute to Jon Lee

Further links to web sites and pages that feature Jon Lee:

Official Feeder Site Tribute Plenty of pics, fan tributes and more.
Jesamine's Tribute Fan's memories, links, guestbook etc.
Marc Bowen's Tribute Tributes, links and more.
James McKenzie's Tribute Tribute, images etc.

News Coverage:
BBC News:
[1] [2] [3]
The BBC gave a large amount of coverage to Jon, as these links and others on their site shows.
BBC Radio 1 Radio 1 featured interviews with Grant only a few days after the sad news, as well as other information and tributes from the radio station itself. (Note: Unfortunately the site has changed and much info is missing. Still there's some info there).
[1] [2]
NME were also generous in their coverage, even dedicating a memorial board to the departed drummer. (Since been removed. Thanks a lot NME).
The Guardian Their report of Jon's death.

Noah's Ark Appeal The charity Jon Lee's parents originally asked donations to be sent to.
Our Messageboard The Feeder board can be used to make your comments about Jon Lee and/or the site.
The Sun News Article The Sun newspaper's reporting of Jon Lee's death - as donated by Marc Bowen.

Further links and resources to follow at a later date.

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