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A Tribute to Jon Lee

A Page dedicated to thanking others:

I'd like to thank various people that in some way helped or contributed to this tribute page.

Firstly a thankyou to everyone who has sent in their tributes and messages of condolences; this tribute would have been nothing without your kind words. My apologies to those who sent in tributes that were previously not uploaded, hopefully all your tributes are now up.

I'd also like to thank Matt Page, Echo and all the other record label types who were swift in supplying information regarding Jon's death, where donations could be made, funeral arrangements etc...

Thanks also to those that supplied this site with further news and info, such as Stu C at; various other webmasters and sites such as NME, BBC and The Times to name but a few. And also thanks to those who supplied additional material such as Becca for her pics, and Amanda for the 'Tribute Button'.

And of course I'd like to thank Jon himself for bringing inspiration and happiness to many. Cheers.