Jon Lee, 1968 - 2002 .  Rest in Peace.
When the sad news broke out about Jon Lee, I immediately set up this tribute page and asked visitors if they'd like to leave some kind of message, be it a tribute to the man, condolences to his family and friends or some other message of support. And there was quite an overwhelming response. Here are all the tributes given to this site since January of 2002. I thank each and everyone of you who gave up a little of your time to show you care. If you are yet to contribute, then you still can. Please visit the [ Contribute page ] for more information.

Many thanks, Collie.

What can be said?? Thankyou Jon for the happy memories of all the gigs and all th things you've signed for me over the years. The drumstick you signed will be treasured. I hope where ever you are now you are at peace and you are happy. You will be missed so much.

Miss C, (Leanne Court)

John Lee, you will always be remembered and recognised as a man who loved and lived music as well as the best drummer of our time. Peace, Love and respect.

Harry Taylor

I still can't quite believe it. I'm a huge fan of Feeder and when I met Jon he was always so happy. A fantastic talented man who was always willing to talk to his fans and make us smile. My most fitting memory of him was after a gig at Ross on Wye festival where he was with his mum and was taking her to get cleaned up because he had spilt wine on her. My thoughts go out to his family and friends especially his mother because I had the pleasure of meeting her. She's a lovely woman and I hope that she is ok at such a distressing time. My thoughts go out to everyone on the feederweb messageboard too and hope that they are all coping. I'm crying my eyes out still :( I'm listening to all Feeder's music (I have it all in some format or another) and trying to think of all the good times I've had because of that man but it's hard. He always managed to make me happy, along with Grant and Taka who my thoughts go out to they could make me the happiest person alive. Yesterday went too soon will always always make me cry now though. It's a beautiful beautiful song.

*nothing ever lasts forever, we're like flowers in this vase together* Piece by Piece - Feeder.

RIP Jon Henry Lee 1968 - 2002
Love Lellie ~x~

Thanks for all the great times youve given me Jon. love you, and will remember and miss you forever.
xxx love you,

Sam Iqbal

Jon Lee was an amzingly talented man, he's touched so many lives through his work and it deeply saddens me that he felt the need to take his own life. He'll remain in my heart and memory, and will live on in the music and spirit of Feeder. May he rest in peace.


My thoughts are with all that knew him and especially to his family and bandmates, this is such a sad and this is a truly tragic time :( Jon was fantastic! rest in peace !! Jon you are an inspiration and in ur music u will live on! feeder u rock and always will, peace and respect and see you Jon on the otherside love and respect to u all!

kat xxx

I hope you are getting high with all our absent friends. God bless.


Taka, Grant and all the friends and family of Jon, I am deeply sorry about the sad news, my heart goes out to you all.


I hope the others and his family are ok or as best as can be expected and just to tell them that they will get over it but it will take time but they will get through this.

Love Kayleigh Hewitt

I was so sorry to hear that Jon took his life. What can you say? You think someone has the world at their feet and then........ it all collapses. Hope Feeder can get the strength to carry on. You were just breaking... Love and best wishes,

Gwynneth xxxx

You hit it man.....You were so fucking talented man....... what happened............ you tried for so long to reach this point.......... you reached it......... you fell off the edge................WHY???????????

RIP... music aint the same without you..... "drinking myself to sleep again....................... insomnia..."

Dave Baille

To Taka and Grant,
Don't give up on the band you are too good and being a band myself who play, or at least try to emulate what you have got would be a double tragedy to stop. Jon was an awesome and an inspiration to my drummer so grieve and in time mayve the melody will you smile. RIP Jon.

Andrew Hassett.

I am really upset and sorry to hear about Jon Lee. I will miss him loads. Deepest sympathy,


Jon Lee was the best drummer Iknow and he will be missed by everyone. I just wish you were still here to carry on your brilliant work. There will always be a place in my heart for you. We will never forget you.

Kari Dennis

Jon, you will be missed... you brought a light into a lot of people's lives, a light that will always glow in our hearts. You were loved by many, and we will never forget you. May the music live on until tomorrow, and shine on long into the future. You'll never be forgotten. Tomorrow Shine, Jon

Rich Mackin

I was very saddened and shocked to learn of Jon's death. Feeder was one of the bands that made Reading 2001 for me - they really were worth the mile trek from my tent in the blazing August heat. Whoever is brave enough to step in Jon's shoes will have a hard act to follow. Whatever Jon's reasons for taking his life, he will still be remembered as a fantastic musician and as a fundamental part of a band that have achieved so much and can still go much further. Rest in peace.

Love Fuzzy xxx

I was very sorry to hear the news that Jon Lee had died. He will be sadly missed by all of us fans. I would like to send my deepest sympathy to his family, friends and the rest of the band. My thoughts are with you all.

Love Kate Kipling

Jon Lee will be sadly missed in the music world but he has left his mark on the music world that nothing or nobody can take away! he was and still is an inspiration to many! his music and memory will live on forever R.I.P. Jon Lee

Roisin, Dublin

I have never been a massive Feeder fan but the death of Jon has really shocked me. I saw them live during the summer. I think it just brings everything home, how some one we think has so much sees themselves as having nothing and no-one. I offer my most sincere sympathy to his family friends loved ones and fellow band members.


Thoughts go out Jon's wife and kid + his fellow band members


Rest in peace man,


Yeah miss u Jon! Met you only a few months back and you gave us free beer in Newport! True rocker! Rock on !-!


It is overly,overly upsetting, condolenses to friends and family. Jon was a great, talented man who music lovers will miss very much. His talent will be remembered always.


It's shocking to hear about Jon. Hope he finds the happiness he's looking for.


I'm a big fan of Feeder, although I'm not totally obsessed with them like I am the phonics. I've met Grant and seen feeder at the 'Phonics November gig at wembley. It was tragic what happened to Jon. Whenever anyone as young as 33 dies it's tragic. I hope Jon rests in peace and my thoughts are with his family and friends because they're the ones that matter in all this. I wish feeder the best of luck also if they decide to carry on because they're a great band and they deserve to do well. R.I.P Jon

xxx Kellysjeans

To an amazing talent and a tragic loss You will be in my heart forever and always Thank you hugely for an unforgetable night on December 2nd Jon Henry Lee you will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace. All my love,

Melanie xXxXx

I just wanna say that, I saw Feeder for the 1st time on November 18th supporting Stereophonics, and that they were excellent and I have loved them ever since! I was really shocked and upset when i found out. My sympathy goes towards his band members, friends, family and fans. Rest In Peace Jon. Love from,


'tis a truly sad week. I guess we're all wonderin 'Why?', but sadly we'll never know.. His spirit will live on, Feeder fans will make sure of that. Sleep well Jon boy, you'll bw sorely missed.


My sincerest sympathies go out to the band, families, friends and fans who have all been affected by his death. He'll definately be missed.


While I never got to see Feeder live, I will say that I have had their music in my heart for years now. Jon was a part of something amazing that has changed my life. When I didn't have anyone to talk to or was feeling down I always relied on Feeder to pick me back up. They are my inspiration still and I cannot thank Jon enough for being the wonderful musician he was. His superb talents will never be forgotten. I hold a special place in my heart for him. God bless.

Kristi Paige Atlanta, GA USA

At this difficult time my heart goes out to all of Jons' friends, family, fans and everyonewho knew him. So young and so talened, he will be sadly missed but never forgotten. God bless. R.I.P.

Lynn Locke

When I first heard the news, I was studying and got a phone call from my mate, who said that he had sad news for me, and it was that "Feeder's drummer has committed suicide at his home in Miami". I wasn't very sure about this, and so checked it out on Feederweb. When all was revealed my eyes started to water, and ever since I have been crying on my own for most of the days gone by.

I will never forget my memories of Jon, especially at the Leeds met gig when he was holding a can of beer in his hand and I was shouting telling him to throw it towards me, along with a few others, and there we were confusing the poor chap, as he was trying to pick one of us out to throw it to!.

I will also never forget the time he saw me sing "Yesterday Went Too Soon" and "Cement" at the same gig and took a little glance at me when I was swaying my arms during "High". He also really enjoyed his work, and you could see that with the way he had those big grins when he was on stage. He was like no other, many of todays stars just care about themselves and the money, while Jon loved hanging around with the fans and enjoyed the satisfaction being part of a band or a team can offer. Being in a band and playing the drums was more of a hobby to him than a job, and that's the way everyone should be. He set an exellent example.

He also remebered fans very well from past experiences, which was very unique of a person who met so many people when the band are out in the public eye so many times.

Goodbye mate, it's been a magnificent six years knowing you, it just won't be the same. Rest In Peace, I hope heaven will be a better place.

From Marc Bowen.

Jon was a man of exreme talent and commitment to his band and fans. A very popular and lively charactor who enhanced Feeder's chemistry. Having met Jon a few times in 2000 and 2001 I can honestly say that he was a truly nice and genuine guy, not phased by fame or fortune. After a gig Jon would often be keen to visit the awaiting fans and would have a very uplifting effect on everyone he chatted to. He was a very easy-going and friendly man. He will be dearly missed by many. My thoughts go out to his family, friends, band mates, co-workers, fans and everyone else who was touched by his unique personality. May he rest in peace.


I will always remember '96 when they were on tour almost all the time. I went to about 10 shows. Jon, Taka and Grant were always so nice and let me in for soundchecks and put me on the guest list and I remember jon on crutches with a broken ankle and still finishing the tour. Rest in peace Jon. I will miss you. You were an excellent drummer. Love to Grant and Taka from,

Claire (norwich)

From a band who tragically lost one of their own in August 2001, all the members of Boot50 would like to express their condolences to Jon's family and friends, and of course to the rest of Feeder. Our thoughts are with you...


It's hard to believe, what a tragedy, a brilliant drummer to form a fantastic band!! My heart felt condolences to his family, friends, fellow band members and fans.

Eleanor x

Sorry to hear about the death of the member of your band people at my school are upset about it.

Katie Riley

I hope everyone in the band is ok. I know you probably get alot of emails like this, but after a close death every little caring message helps. So I hope you all take this ok.


As a new fan of feeder never got the chance to meet jon such a tradegdy feeder did so much for welsh pop music and were really going places just hope Taka and Grant find the strength to carry on,


I read your message on the unofficial site and I also was inspired by the great drummer. Been a fan sincde 97/8 and loved him the most since! He will be missed, I'm shocked! saira

I returned from holiday in Cuba, and as Feeder are not as big over there, I was horrified to find this out! What kind of news is this to return to? I have been a fan since about 97, and as a child was always thought of as a little strange to like a band that had not been heard of by my fellow Spice Girl and Britney teen boppers! I'm now fourteen years old and this is immensely shocking news. I just wanna thank a brill drummer for inspiring me to take up drumming lessons and providing me with awesome music to listen to. Condolences to all the band, his family and especially cameron.

Love sai xxxxxxxxxxxxx rest in peace x

Sorry to hear this news , I have a deep felt sorrow for everyone involved with his death, family , friends, bandmates and the fans. I just learned about feeder today , I saw the video for piece by piece and after hearing that one song , I got hooked. After getting the cd , I looked up some sites and saw the news. I am really sad to see such a good drummer go. I hope feeder moves on, I dont think they will ever be the same, but they have made an impression on me and being another great band from the U.K.

Rip - Jon Lee We will miss you , I know I will,


I am very sad about the death of Jon Lee. I worked with him back in the dark ages and will miss him


Sorry, I know this is late, but I just wanted to assure you that I Jezzie and all my friends here in Ireland are sharing the grief of Jon's premature death. Although there's nothing I can say that hasn't already been said, I think it's important that us fans continue showing support for Grant and Taka, especially considering their concern for us by making it known that they will continue. As is obvious, you know more about Feeder than I do and I would also like to thank you for creating such a genuine and heartfelt tribute to one of the great drummers of our time.


Jon Lee was a great drummer and I will miss him.

From a Feeder Fan (J. Wilkans)

jon you will be missed by all your fans the rock era has ended.

Jon boy, RIP big man,

Martin NO1 feeder fan

Hey, I don't what to say except I'm a new fan. I think you will rock on forever dude,

£MZ (emz)

I just wanted to say I went to see Feeder for the first time last year and it changed my life foe ever!

R.I.P Jon!

Laura Bankes


Music has lost its melody, Rhythm has lost a beat, but heaven has gained an angel. Your music has got me through many tough times, I only wish you had your own "Feeder" to make you smile.


I hope my condolances arn't too late, but going to see Feeder shortly, and just brought back all the memories of such a talent.

Jon Lee was a huge credit to British music and had the potential to be the best. I am glad such a great guy had such good friends, to care and love him, Grant and Taka have paid the greatest tribute to their dear friend by continuing the music Jon loved and just shearly enjoyed doing!What a guy!!!! As for the fans, im sure he couldn't have wished for a better fan base to support them, all you Feeder fans, I have a lot of respect for you, I just hope the songs mean as much to you as they do to me!! Truely a legend, he will always have my respect from the day he gained it, hearing Buck Rogers on the Steve Lamac show, just started this great thing for me. I can only thank the three hearts of Feeder for this!!!

Always in the heart......

Simon Roscoe

Jon, the best drummer ever, the best man ever, the best friend ever... We miss you from Spain too!!

Jon, el mejor batería de la historia, la mejor persona de la historia, el mejor amigo de la historia... También te añoramos desde España!! Alex

Its two years now. erm I'm a bit late,but I dont care . He was amazing all around. One of the best drummers british band have ever seen without a listenin to picures of perfect youth at the moment. I luv feeder and even though there music now is awesome Jon will never ever be forgoten. keep playin the crazy beats jon. buddy lee


I think Jon Lee was an outstanding man who can be seen as an inspiration to us all. Not only did he give an astounding contribution to the world of music, but he also opened our eyes to how so many people suffer with problems in private. What he did showed how brave and courageous he was and still is in all of our minds. People sometimes see suicide as an easy way out, but to me i think of it as audatious accomplishment and showed us how important life is. He lived his life to it's full potential and hopefully his actions will motivate others to believe in themselves and keep going. Jon was loved by everyone: friends, family and fans, and we will continue to cherish him as a part of our lives!

Love always, Dulcie xxx

I'd just like to say how deeply upset I was when I found out Jon had takn his own life 2 years on and I still can't believe what has happened, I'd like to say how sorry I am, and how my thoughts are still with all family friends fellow band mates and fans. I have taken up drums, grade 6 now and I would love to be as good as jon someday, rest in piece Jon, I'll never forget the amazing drummer you where, x x x x x x x x


You were loved so much by everyone, and for all those years as a musicain, a father and a husband we thank you. i hope your up some were good were all pain and strains are gone. Rock on.

Addie xxxx

This is the saddest moment, in all Feeder history.


Live on Jon-boy. Say hi to Kurt for me ;-)


All I can think about is "why"? It's just sooooo sad. My condolences to Tatiana and the rest of the band. Jon you will be missed and never forgoten.

xxx Vikki

Rest in peace Jon, I hope you've found the peace you've been looking for.


Relatively new fan of the band but as I am the same age it's such a loss at such a young age. My heartfelt sympathy goes to Jon's family and all friends and fans alike.


You will be greatly missed.


Possibly the greatest drummer of all time is dead. I do hope Feeder continue and I wish luck to everyone who knew him. Thanks and I know da goddzfather will be praying for them


I am not a massive feeder fan, but i also saw feeder in december. I was deeply sadened by his death as also offer my condolences to his family and to the rest of the band. R.I.P


I would say that I am not the biggest of Feeder fans but as the others I found myself shocked at the fact that a person with what seemed a perfect life brings themself to killing themselves. R.I.P Jon and I send my sympathy to every one who loved him and the band.


I think its such a bad thing to happen. I could never take my own life and if there is an after life or whatever and Jon Lee is able to read this then I want him to be happy where he is now because he obviously was really unhappy inside. My greatest sympathy to all who admired him as did I. Yours,

Beth XX

For whatever reason Jon had to do this to himself I hope he realises how sorely missed he will be, by the fans of his music, friends, family and loved ones. My deepest sympathys to Grant and Taka, it must be a very hard time for everyone who knew him.


Its well gutting about Jon. Theres not much I really can say and I think I speak for alot of us when I say this - he was a legend in my view the best drummer i heard since Nirvana. He's gunna be sadly missed by all his top fans, some names im gunna mention my mates. We're all top Feeder fans - Nick, Chris, Ceri, Steve, John, Hilly, Laura, Liz, Michael and so many others around the world. My deepest sorrow for his wife and boy and the other band members. I will be there at the funeral in Newport. Rest in peace Jon Lee (1968-2002)

Dom + Scott

You rule dude. I hope you found what you were lookin for. See I had to add more from the last message to say rest in peace man.

Dom (again)


Dont grieve for me, for now i'm free, I'm following paths God made for me. I took his hand, I heard him call, Then turned and bid farewell to all.

I could not stay another day,To laugh, to love, to sing, to play, Tasks left undone must stay that way, I found my peace at close of day.

And if my parting left a void, Then fill it with remembered joy, A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss, Ah, yes, these things I too will miss.

Be not burdened, deep with sorrow. I wish you sunshine of tomorrow. My life's been full...I've savoured much, Good friends, good times, a loved one's touch.

Perhaps my time seemed all too brief, Dont lenghthen it now with undued grief, Lift up your heart and share with me, God wants me now, he set me free.

Just to pass on my deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Jon Lee, a shit-hot drummer who'll be sadly missed.

Heather, Feeder fan, Scotland xxxxx

So sorry to hear the news. It's a real tragedy. Just like to say that Feeder are a great part that Jon was a essential part of, and that he'll be sorely missed. Condolences to his family and bandmates, must be horrible for them.

Chris Aylett

I can never think of what to write when events like this happen, but I guess everyone feels the same way I do, so maybe no words are needed. The music is tribute enough.


Prayers for Jon & his family


Very upset and heart broken about the news I read today. First seen it on and thought it was a wind up then found out it was true. I'm very numb and shocked. Had the pleasure to meet Jon briefly at a signing in Glasgow in June for the Turn promo and he has always came across as a very warm and friendly person. I feel so deeply upset and devastated. My thoughts and prayers are with Jon's family and of course Grant and Taka. Such a tragic loss. Gone but will never be forgotton,

Paul. (Mr. Shade)

Met Jon about a year ago outside the Cathouse, he was the only one from the band to stop & talk to us before the gig. I was really nervous but he was soooo sweet & down to earth. Jon was a talented guy & will be sadly missed by all his family & friends. Keep it real Jon. xxxxxxxxxx


"Jon Lee lives on in Spirit"
I am so shocked and devastated at the news of Jon's death. I spent last nite listening to all of their albums remembering when I saw them live and remembering Jon sat behind his drums having so much fun. He loved what he did and it showed! I would like to send my condolences to everyone that was close to him and I know that he will be missed by all. He was a talented guy and I will never forget him.

x X x Rachel

I cant imagine how his family, friends and Grant and Taka must be feeling. It was such a shock for me and like you I spent the whole evening listening to their past albums. I saw them twice and was looking forward to seeing them again some time in the future their music rocks n always will do. Rest in peace Jon, you'll be sadly missed. All my love,

Ali xxx

I just want to say how shocked I was to hear about Jon dying so suddenly it's such a shock! My thoughts go out to his family, Grant and Taka, and all the other people who knew him. Feeder won't be the same without him! R.I.P. Jon Lee 1968-2002


I'm so upset the one guy from feeder who Ive met and now he's dead Im really really gutted!


It is a terrible lose and a tragedy. I give my condolences to all of is family and to his fellow band mates Grant and Taxa... Rest In Peace Jon....


As ever I appear to be last to find out and you can all guess how I'm feeling. It's such a sad loss.


I was deeply shocked to hear of Jon's death, he was a friend of a friend and I got to meet him recently, he was a really nice down to earth bloke and he will be greatly missed by all. A very sad thing has happened. Rest in peace Jon,


I am a big Jon Lee fan, if not the biggest, Jan 7th was possibly the worst day in the last couple of months. Jon Lee was my idol, he was my inspiration to starting the drums. His style and technique will live on forever in his many fans including myself, R.I.P jon. Live forever mate,


All I can say is R.I.P.Jon Lee, you will go on in our hearts, love ya man x,


Not much to say really other than I feel that Jon would want us enjoying life & not crying over him. And now he's found the happiness he was looking for so should we. So I won't as many Feeder dudes here and don't leave a sad message just a nice uplifting message... GIVE IT UP FOR JON LEE THE BEST DRUMMER ROCK HAS EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK DUDE I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU


I've been fan for a year this February and more often than not I've found myself tapping along to the drum beats when listening. I agree with Feeder_Mosha and we should remember him for what he excelled in... It's been never been dull and thanks for the memories Jon.


We should remember him for his great talent and fill the world with happy thoughts and memories of him!


I have not been a Feeder fan for as long as some people I know, I discovered them, the greatest band on earth about 6 months ago. However, I feel devastated about the death of Jon Lee, a suberb drummer, and he will be greatly missed. He had such a lot of talent and I just can't believe he's gone. My thoughts are with Grant, Taka and his wife and especially his little son. RIP Jon, I will miss you a lot.


Jon Lee was an inspiration to many, a hero to myself, and he'll be forever missed. It's great to see so many tributes to the great man himself - truly fitting for one of the most genuinely warm and friendly people anyone ever had the chance to meet. Rest In Peace Jon boy.

Stu C.

I would simply like to offer my deepest condolences to everyone who knew, loved or respected Jon, especially his family and closest friends. Jon was an incredible drummer and incredibly good person with a big heart. I am sure he will be sorely missed. Rest in Peace, Jon. We all love you. Love,

Amy xx

I don't really know what to say, except my heart goes out to all of Jons family, friends, fans and other band mates. This is such an awful tragedy that I can't even begin to think why a man who seemed to be so happy chose to end his life. Jon, your gonna be missed so much as a musician and a great bloke who brought happiness to so many. Rest in peace darlin', My love forever and always,

Lorna xxxxxxx

Why? outstanding drummer, sadly missed. Luv John and Shaz from Carlin How, Cleveland. UK

Jon you will be missed. Every time I think of this tradgic occurance I struggle to catch my breath. A great loss in the world but not in our hearts. My condolancies to everyone who knew Jon. All the best of luck to Grant and Taka with Feeder, I hope you can carry on with the success you have had this year. I will be there watching you in Sheffield the next time you come. All the best.


There's so many things I'd like to say about Jon and so many lovely stories I could tell. I've been working with Feeder in various roles over the years - student radio plugging to start with and now regional radio and tv. The first time I ever met Jon was at Sheffield Leadmill a few years back, I was overseeing some radio interviews and he made me feel instantly at ease. First impressions last you know, and as I got to know him better and better he really was a warm and funny person and a good friend to be around.

There are some very special memories that I hold dear now like the last time I saw Jon (when we went to Porth to appear on the Pop Factory in December and Red Dragon Radio in Cardiff.) We'd had a few glasses of red wine before the radio interview and I've never heard the band funnier and more on form - despite the fact that I'd managed to tread on Jon's broken toe 3 times that day !!!

Many of the memories I have are of funny nights out with Jon, usually drunken and usually in hotels, due to the fact that they worked so hard and were always out doing promo and gigs, and always laughing ..... and that is how I will remember him always. I will also remember the fact that he was the most talented drummer I have ever come across and probably will ever come across. Feeder's music has been the soundtrack to my life over the past few years as all my friends - and most of all the band - know.

Jon, I will miss your smile, your laugh, your kind words and your dirty jokes. Sleep well my beautiful friend. Lots of love,

Zoe Bestow - Hart Media

I'm not really a Feeder fan as such but I am deeply shocked and upset to hear today about Jon Lee's death. I felt that it would only be the right thing to do to say how sorry I am to hear about this, and that my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. With love,

Mike Stewart.

What can be said that has not been said by so many already. Jon Lee you will live on in so many peoples hearts and memories and these are things that can not be taken away. Jon had his reasons for what he did but although we may not understand them we should respect them.

Jon - you were an inspiration to thousands, rest in peace and remember, music NEVER dies!

Sarah Lucy Bowen, Aberystwyth, Wales.

Upon hearing of Jon Lee's tragic death, many emotions ran through my mind. Why did he do this? What was he going through to make him think he had no other way out? I don't agree with what he did, but I have to respect his decision when it comes down to it.

I ran The Feeder Dynasty site for a few years but have since given up on the website stuff, citing "being too busy" as my reason for letting it all slip away. I never had the honour of meeting Jon or any of the other members of Feeder, but I sure as hell have listened to them for quite a while. My brother brought home the Polythene cassette from England when he was there in 1996 I believe. Maybe 1997? Anyway, I recall it being Christmas time, that year. He told me to pop in Side 2 and listen to the first track, which happened to be Descend (my favorite song they've ever done). I immediately liked the sound, I liked the beat, I liked the guitar riffs, and I liked the voice of Grant.

I then searched for everything Feeder-related throughout the next while and started up with the Feeder Dynasty a short while later.

Why is all of this relevant? Because it's simply amazing how much one person or a group of people can impact your life and your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions. Now that one of the members of Feeder has passed away, the face of the band has changed forever, and my life has changed so much inside, even though I never had the honour of meeting the man.

Jon Lee, you are a legend to all Feeder fans and a loved one by us, by your family, by your bandmates, and by everyone who knew you. Why you decided you had to go, we'll never know. We will just remember how much you meant to every single one of us and your memory will linger forever...

Steve Roil, formly of the Feeder Dynasty

RIP Jon you'll live on forever in all our hearts, we'll never forget you,


There are no words that can be found to describe the true heartbreak felt over the loss of such a talented man. Never lucky enough to meet the man myself but I respected him a great deal from afar. Jon will live on in memory and music and will always be loved and cherished rest in peace. Much love,

C xxx

Hi, my name is June and I have been a growing Feeder fan for some time. I have seen them at T in the Park a couple of times, but the best yet was supporting Stereophonics in Glasgow in November. They were phenomenal! I now have all their albums and I think they are tremendous. I was saddened to hear about Jon's death. I think Feeder are just about to reach their peak and I so hope that they continue! RIP Jon, let your music live on!!


It is still a shock to the system when you think about the untimely death of Jon Lee. I found myself staring at a picture printed in a recent NME, taken at his funeral. It was only then that I thought about the reality of it all. Having seen Feeder live, and feeling the magic that a Feeder gig can bring, it is such a shame to think of the talent we have lost. It will never seem fair! I would like to wish Feeder the best of luck in the future, and to let them know my sympathy is with them.

Samantha xx

It's hard to find something to say that hasn't already been said, even a year on. It's hard even to try to say everything you want to. Jon Lee was a fantastic person, with a fantastic talent which has no end and no rivals. The strangest thing through all this is the music, it's still the same songs that have been and always will be, but they carry a different tune, a different meaning and a different feeling. This is how personal the Feeder feeling is, it touches you to the core and stays with you forever, just like the memories of Jon will do.

Love and best wishes always,

Stephanie Hall

Would like to pay my respects to Jon Lee. I have never been given an opportunity to say how I really felt about Jon. Ever since I heard Feeder, i was hooked onto them, they were great in every aspect. Jon was a great man and a great dummer, i have never heard a drummer play like he could, he made it look effortless.

To Grant and Taka, he was a great friend, a best friend. No one knew why Jon had to go, but it was his decision, and as fans and friends we had to respect his decision. Grant and Taka have coped really well with this, they have managed to keep going. They have got a new drummer (Mark Richardson) and they just keep going, I can do nothing but admire them, they are a great band. They've put Jon's event behind them but they haven't forgotten him. Jon could put a smile on anyones face, he had somekind of cheerful force field following him around, altogether he was a great guy, great friend, great husband and a great father. We all miss him, the world has lost an outstanding drummer. It's easy to imagine why God wanted him back, because he was an angel on Earth. I have so much to say about Jon and Feeder but I'd best stop now before anyone gets bored reading this.

Christopher Raymond Martin

PS - good luck to Feeder and God bless you Jon boy.

Simply an incredible person and fantasticly talented drummer!

R.I.P Jon, Ben

i'm sorry i'm late for adding my tribute Jon but no matter how late i may be you'll still always live in our hearts. Listening to the classic yesterday went to soon,i still am always amazed at that special something you applied to your drumming and as a learner i consider you my drum God. Hope the grass is greener on the other side Jon-Boy.

Love always.

Rest In Peace, Anna.xx

Although I didnt meet you, Jon Henry Lee you are an inspiration, especially to me a flame was lit inside you, it wont just burn away your dragon heart will live on, its been two years since that day You can only have respect and love for a talent of his kind. Carry on watching over us, jon, you are the best guardian there could be.

Natalie, Port Talbot. xXx

Feeder will never be the same again, rock on in heaven jonny


Still missing you 2 years on